put your applications in safe hands

Our quality cloud hosting platform provides the right environment for enterprise software applications.

From small information websites to popular online shops, APIs and rich applications, our fully-documented servers will reliably present your digital resources to users, customers, business-process partners, and other important consumers.

A number of standalone-launch and tailor-made solutions are available and we will only assist you with the most suitable platform that's right for you. So there will be no worries that you're over-spending or under-powering your website.

Cloud Migration

Move from bare-metal or shared hosting facilities to a fully-documented virtual private cloud provided by the likes of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean and Google Compute Cloud.

We'll help you lift-and-shift existing software - it's what we do. Your existing software will be containerized and setup with environmental configuration - decoupled from hosts and easily deployable across several availability zones when needed. You'll also need CI/CD pipelines - we'll take care of it.

Cloud Hosting

Benefit from a public-cloud first approach through pay-per-use infrastructure fully-documented in Terraform or Ansible.

Ideal for enterprise-databases, popular applications, and dedicated software systems. We can install them in a dedicated Virtual Private Cloud.

Enhance server computing power as and when required, and tailor auto-scaling groups to handle traffic spikes and anticipated demand.


We're used to documenting high-availability applications with load-balancers distributing traffic over several availability zones.

With the visibility of change in version-control, we can securely tailor environments from baseline to production, whilst maintaining integrity and assuring accountability.

What's more, you can easily run the IaC in order to replicate your cloud for test or development purposes.

Rancher Scheduling

Through installation of Rancher HA - a highly sophisticated Docker container scheduler - we can guarantee stability and security for your software and users.

As new hosts become available across availability zones, Rancher will automatically provision them and load-balancers will automatically target them, ensuring your applications and websites stay awake.


Share expensive resources and pay for what you actually need. Quickly orchestrate and destroy hosting environments.

Let Rancher automatically schedule Docker containers across common hosts.

Significantly cut down costs and ensure you only have the host instances you need.

from secrets to registries

we've got you covered

There might be several building-blocks to your application.

You might want secrets handling in Consul or Vault. You might want Docker images stored in your own Harbor registry. You might have specific CI/CD pipeline requirements.

Rest assured, we'll help you with the technologies you require.

  • Consul
  • Vault
  • Rancher
  • Harbor
  • GoCD
  • Concourse-CI
  • Docker Hub
  • Git
  • GitLab
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Digital Ocean
  • Google Compute Cloud

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