Development Tooling

Make life easy - develop quickly and ship fast.

Boost software development by implementing the tools that everybody will love.

Used effectively, DevOps helps standardise development, ease on-boarding and speeds-up delivery.

Plus, configurable application variables per environment will make delivery secure and repeatable, through CI/CD pipelines and app dependency-injection.


  • Documented sandboxes
  • Containerized code
  • Environment configuration
  • Dependency injection
  • Docker artifact registries
  • CI/CD pipelines
  • Infrastructure orchestration
  • Test environments
low cost & managed by glug

We've invested so you don't have to. Benefit from the rapid delivery of DevOps tools through process and cloud-orchestration blueprints.

Manage the costs of adoption. Spawn your own infrastructure and DevOps pipelines - or take it easy and house them in our dedicated client clouds. We'll take custody until you're ready.

Public-Cloud Infrastructure

Enjoy the flexibility of enterprise-grade resources combined with the secure documentation and application of infrastructure under version control.

To adopt a public-cloud first approach, it has to be of value. Getting the benefit is important otherwise you're paying for something you're underusing or don't need.

We will smooth the transition from bare-metal, and land you with a fully-documented virtual-private cloud.


  • Pay-per-use infrastructure
  • Fully-documented resources
  • Under version control
  • Replicate production
  • Fully-isolated environments
  • High-availability
  • Auto-scaling resources
  • Zone management

Pay for what you actually need.

Use tools like Terraform, Ansible and Rancher to quickly orchestrate or destroy environments.

Share expensive resources through Docker containers scheduled via Rancher and deployed via CI/CD pipelines.


Fully-documented infrastructure-as-code.

Create replica environments with full integrity and ensure you can test the quality of your software before it hits your clients.

Rest assured that Docker artifacts are cascaded across hosts in different availability zones, and targeted by health-checking load-balancers.


Docker containers marry-up development & production and ensure there's no "works for me".

Track the path of changes in version control and achieve integrity and increased accountability.

And, with infrastructure under version control, carefully manage the implementation of cloud resources.


Deploy Docker artifacts from development straight into test and production environments.

Spin-up an identical environment for UAT or test purposes - then spin it down again.

Easily auto-scale hosts and let Rancher provision the containers as traffic increases.

Lift and Shift

A significant part of migrating to the cloud is ensuring that existing software plays in its new home.

We will happily port existing applications by ensuring their representation through Docker images, and create the necessary environmental configuration to ensure they work in your cloud environments.


  • Containerized code
  • Host-agnosticity
  • Environment configuration
  • Decoupled from storage
  • Configured via pipelines
  • Testable
you'll need

a dedicated build environment

When you've multiple cloud environments representing production, UAT, testing and development, you'll want to easily deploy to them.

That's why we'll set you up with a dedicated build environment.

It'll have access to all your virtual private clouds. You'll get to see what builds are in operation and where deployments are being made.

  • Production
  • Staging
  • UAT
  • Test
  • Development
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