Data Hub

centralise your data

We specialise in building API data hubs, which use web services and databases to share data with business partners.

By adding a data hub to your organisation you create a central database for your existing systems to plug into, as well as letting your partners plug into it too.

Take the reigns of integration and connect your business with other software to help achieve sustainable links.

A data hub is appropriate for you if you are looking to build long term relationships with your own retail and manufacturing centres, suppliers, customers and competitors. It would let you define the relationship with those around you and provide all your integration partners with a definitive way of working with your data.


Key areas that can be managed more easily:

  • Supply chain
  • Product orders
  • Stock
  • Customers
  • Enquiries
  • Leads
  • Data imports

Key benefits of centralising data:

  • Process efficiency
  • Central reporting
  • Continual integration
  • Reduced human error
  • Partner interest
  • Data backup
Forge New Links

Integrate not only with your existing business partners, but with new customers. By providing access to data you kindle long-term investment and it helps sustain business links.

Generate New Opportunities

Providing access to your systems attracts the interest of business partners seeking integration opportunities and valuable dependencies, which can sustain existing business and generate new opportunities.


You define the relationship with your partners, who link to your Datahub at their expense. You just provide them with your bespoke documentation for accessing your Datahub.

Healthier Data

Cutting out dependencies upon manual operations and data inputting can reduce human error and improve the quality of your data.


Simple and easy to use, your Datahub uses industry standard protocols to help your partners link to you easily and securely.


Ringfence your data and provide only the access required. You maintain your distance from business partners whilst surrendering any isolation for a much closer business relationship.